• High Holiday ServicesDuring the High Holidays, the doors to heaven are open to all... So are ours! Join us for warm, welcoming & uplifting holiday services Full High Holiday Schedule
  • Yom Kippur Yizkor BookletChabad of Oro Valley will be producing our 10th annual Book of Remembrance for Yizkor which will contain the names of relatives whose memory we wish to honor. Click here to add the names of your loved ones
  • Rosh HashanahShofar Blowing Service
    Monday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 27
    5:45-6:00 PM
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  • What Is Hakhel?Every seven years, on the holiday of Sukkot, every single Jew would gather in Jerusalem and listen... Read More
  • Today Is the Fast of GedaliahWhat, why and how we mourn on the day after Rosh Hashanah Read More
  • Repentance Is a ScamThere are far better ways to spend Yom Kippur than being sucked into a black hole. Read More
  • 5 Ways to Channel Negative EnergyTake every bit of oppression and suffering and elevate it, make it holy Read More
  • Are Near Death Experiences Real?Nomi Freeman has been studying Near Death Experiences (NDEs) for more than a decade and has... Read More
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